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After watching the three girls debate whether Rachel and Percy were dating for a while, Annabeth decided to interrupt."Uh, sorry, but I still want to know where Percy is," she said. It was clear from their faces they didn't believe Annbeth one bit."Whatever! Annabeth could see groups of girls staring dreamily at him, or glaring at Rachel. Everyone within a hundred yards turned to see what was going on. It perfectly captured all the cabins and the beautiful landscape of their camp.

“By numbers, this was the most successful of the campaigns, garnering 16 million press impressions, thousands of retweets, and 100,000 interactions on Chatroulette itself.” via Click “The British clothing retailer (also known as FCUK) offered vouchers for its merchandise worth about 5 for any user who can prove that they found a date through Chatroulette.

"The blond raised an eyebrow, "Yeah, are you his 'mystery girl'? Rachel, on the other hand, looked up and saw Annabeth. "I came over here to surprise you, and these girls were nice enough to help me find you," she said, gesturing to the three girls whose jaws were on the floor. "Thank you very much," he said before turning back to Annabeth.

Rachel grinned and said something to Percy, pointing towards Annabeth.

Sassenbach Advertising, a German PR firm, tried this simple campaign on Chatroulette and put together a nice ad for themselves featuring the results (below), namely 170,000 “contacts” a week.

All they did was print out a simple and clever Harley Davidson sign that said “Sorry, I’m on the road” and let the heavily male demographic take it all in, one smile at a time according to them.

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