Adult chat room sex talk without registration

If this is your style of play, it is recommended that you find another chat room that can accommodate that style of play! You are entitled to your own opinion, but this spanking site does not involve a sexual realm of spanking. Ideally, this is a world where respect and tolerance rule. Relax, watch, have fun and don’t feel pressured to do anything you are not comfortable with.

The regulars here in the scene are generally very friendly and helpful.

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Do not use this just to get out of a spanking with Ms. Margaret is scheduled, as well as anytime you are in the room, please do not be a HNG (Horny Net Geek).

The best way to get to know others in the group before coming to a SCONY event is to join us in our fun and often zany chatroom. Margaret tries to be available Mon–Thu, pm–9 pm EST. Please avoid using comments of a sexual/erotic nature. When creating your own chat time to meet with others, remember that everything here is based on .

Chats take place Mon – Thu and start around pm EST (although we are notorious for being fashionably late). Instead use a scene name that somehow indicates if you are male or female. Use initial caps if you are top (spanker) and lower case if you are a bottom (spankee). Keep in mind, this is the name people in chat will call you. Since the scene is about trust, we will trust that you are always entering in your own gender and under the name we recognize to be you. If you want to talk privately, get out of this chat and go elsewhere! About ten minutes is given for random conversation while members are entering. Ryder are engaged in conversation, or while s/he has started a scene, is considered discourteous. If someone indicates that s/he is a bottom, don’t assume that that person is open to play.

Use this only if a scene is getting out of control or going too far for you. If necessary, bring the matter to the moderator’s attention through email. When entering a chat room for your personal use at times other than when Ms.

Many people come here for enjoyment, but their enjoyment should not be at the expense of others. If you have a personal grievance with someone, discuss it privately.

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